Build a blueprint for your marriage. Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure it all out on your own. Let us help you address your struggles. In this community, we provide the tools you will need to sustain and grow a healthy marriage. 

Married to the Ring®
Marriage Blueprint Community 

Does every important conversation end up in a fight? 

Your Blueprint

Let us Help You Build

listen, more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce but it doesn't have to be that way....

Does it seem as if you and your spouse are walking on different paths, wanting different things from life - and because of not working together - you both...... 

✓ Lack Joint asset Building

✓ unmet needs & false EXPECTATIONS 

✓ ineffective communication

✓ not on the same page 


✓both parties feel alone

Does this sound familiar?

Welcome to Married to the Ring®'s Marriage Blueprint Community (MBC). The MBC is a 12-round, year-long intensive designed to set your marriage on solid ground. Broken into four pillars, each round will build on the last, increasing your intimacy, trust, communication, structure and boundaries. You'll even begin to build a legacy with joint asset ownership. 

how it will feel to finally get to where you've been wanting your relationship to go.

you're in the exact right place

The reason you don’t have that yet is because you may lack insight on how marriage was fully designed to bring the highest level of love, joy, companionship, and fulfillment to your lives. The US Divorce Rate is the third highest in the world. With that being said, you may be a byproduct of not even seeing what a healthy marriage looks like. In this community, you will learn how to prepare, combine, and implement the tools needed to succeed in your marriage and business. 

We've been
exactly where you're at right now and we're here to help

We understand.

✓ Joint asseT & legacy building 

✓ boundaries 

✓ communication techniques 

✓The Marriage Blueprint™ 

✓ mutual intimacy

✓ deeper connection 

This sounds much better

- S. Smith

The self-development in one week is astounding because of the blueprint. Each exercise helped me connect with my spouse on a different level.

- R. Curtis

I have never experienced anything like this, this is better than couples' therapy.

Couples want to learn how to have fun and keep their friendship alive with their spouse and BUILD A BLUEPRINT THAT INCLUDES ASSETS TOGETHER - GOD's way!

Couples want to avoid the pitfalls of toxic communication in their marriage and learn the various patterns of how to effectively communicate with one another, even when they both disagree. 

Couples want to learn how to merge cultures together and effectively embrace each other's differences, without losing their individual identity.

Couples want to be challenged in their marriage to think outside-of-the-box and see themselves and their entire relationship in a whole new light and level.

Couples want to make their relationship the best it could be, and learn how to communicate effectively and safely, especially when they are not on the same page. 

This Community is
for Your Marriage IF

If you're nodding your head yes and thinking to yourself, "yes, that's us!" as you read above... just know we've been exactly where you're at and we're here to help.

If You're Nodding Your Head Yes...

you two don't have to do it alone

- L. Taylor

 The tools provided turned things around quickly in our household.  This turned me from pointing fingers at him to recognizing, acknowledging & changing myself first! The exercises & resources are incredible! Every marriage needs this!!

dedicated Annual workshop hours focused on building & strengthening your marriage 

18 hrs

Our program provides a 35% savings compared to annual marital rate counseling costs 


in 2023, we will serve & partner with 200 marriages across the globe.


of our couples satisfied with the results


let's talk about about social impact

Together, Gerald and Tanya Williamson, both made it through divorce, separation, and so much more. We are glad to say that they've merged through as victors and have created their own ecosystem in their companies from relationship building, to business development up through residential and commercial construction. 

Welcome to The Marriage Blueprint Community.

meet your marriage trainers


relationship education activities 

marriage bestie buddies from across the globe 

Global Marital Forums 

Access to Families Achieving More™University

Married to the Ring®’s THE Marriage Blueprint™

a private marriage community

Quarterly subscription box 

monthly 90-minute hybrid workshops 

access to recordings

other communities

our community

How Our Community Compares to Others

A 12-month process to designed to transform couples in their marriage, business, and real estate. This community is for couples struggling to prepare, combine, and implement the tools needed to succeed in their marriage and business. 

Build A Healthy Marriage in
the Marriage Blueprint Community

introducing our signature program

Complete Your Unified Construction™ Drawings. By now the couple will have a final design. They can begin preparing construction drawings/blueprints, notes, and technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction and permit application - for their marriage. 

Here's the fourth thing that's included in the community

Complete the Designed for Us™ Development Phase. In this phase, couples will collect the results from the schematic design phase and take your marriage one step further.

Here's the third thing that's included in the community

Complete schematic designs. No More Scheming™ one another. In this phase, we will do a series of rough sketches/drawings that illustrate the basic concepts of how to uniquely create, combine and customize your marriage into one. 

Here's the second thing that's included in the community

Complete the Pre-Construct Design Phase - also known as the Strategize-ME-BABY ™ development planning process. Here is where couples will complete a deep delve of core values and establish marital vision and goals for your marriage. 

Here's the first thing that's included in the community

here's a look into the four pillars in the  community

next →

Take a look at Married to the Ring®'s community process. We've made it our number one goal to create the most seamless process for our clients.

Our community's process

wondering how it all works?

Gerald and Tanya will
schedule a 
brief call with you, and your spouse. 

step two 
Book 30-Minute Consultation

First, you'll tell us about you, your spouse, your marriage and your goals.

step one
Online Interview

You'll immediately gain access to our online learning portal, Families Achieving More™ (F.A.M.) University.

step four
get online access 

When you're ready to move forward, remit payment. You can choose 12 monthly installments or pay in full. 

step three
make your investment

At the end of our year together, meet us in St. Lucia for a 5-day, 4-night celebration of love, growth, and renewal. 

step six

We'll get your monthly subscription box in the mail to you. The box will have all you need to 
prepare for your monthly 90-minute workshop. 

step five
Monthly action items

Attend monthly scheduled 90-minute hybrid workshop. 

step six
Attend monthly

Unbox MBC monthly subscription box. Prepare to attend upcoming monthly hybrid workshop. 

step five
Unbox BOX

the only marriage i want to be better than is the marriage i was yesterday

you'll wish you had started today

A year from now

"I was able to quit my 9-5 and pursue my dreams!"

#TeamWilliamson QUIT corporate

"We hired a dream team, what we've always wanted to do!"

#TEAMAlexandre did this amazing thing

"We combined and increased our revenue, so incredible!"

#Teamtaylor combined cashflow

Enroll in our community, get the support and help you need in the fraction of the time it would take you on your own. Keep painting that 'after' picture'.

Or You Could

You could keep doing things the same way you've been doing them. Spinning your wheels, well on your way to burnout. Keep painting that 'before' picture'.

You Have A Choice

What you'll receive:
  • The Marriage Blueprint™
  • 12 (90) minute hybrid workshops
  • Quarterly subscription box 
  • Access to F.A.M.™ University
  • One 30-minute CVO Group Session 
  • Private Community
  • Relationship Activities 

Twelve Monthly

payment plan most flexible!

What you'll receive:
  • The Marriage Blueprint™ 
  • 12 (90) minute hybrid workshops 
  • Quarterly subscription box 
  • Access to F.A.M.™ University
  • Surprise Branded SWAG Mystery Box
  • 3D Visual Aide Blueprint Design
  • One 90-minute CVO Group Session + 30 minute.
  • Private Community
  • Relationship Activities 

Payment with

pay in full best value!

select the plan that works for you

Sign up today with our Pay in Full option and get our special bundle, all for free! This bundle is valued at $2,000 and includes:

  • Surprise Branded Swag Mystery Box
  • 3D Visual Aide Blueprint Design
  • One 90-Minute CVO Group Session

Bonus! Pay in full today and get our free extra bundle! 


skyrocket your union



position your Marriage for success

gain the support you need

Here are the results you're going to get

✓ build a cooperative asset build plan

✓ how to close the racial wealth gap 

✓ make healthy relationship decisions

✓ Learn how to deepen Your intimacy

✓ learn how to make your relationshp 1st

By the end of the course, your marriage will grow exponentially...

list more of the results they'll get below

The Marriage Blueprint™ Community is designed to help marriages get to where they want to be in their marriage. 

The Marriage
Blueprint Community

Let us help you build and grow a lasting marriage

We foster and nurture collaborative, safe, confidential working team environments. 


The advantage of bringing over two decades of experience from a broad base and can relate to blended marriages. 


Our qualified team of experts can help your marriage drastically reduce the risk of failure. 


We place an emphasis in our community on learning and soliciting feedback from each other. 



This is the sign you've been waiting for. Check out Tanya's feature in USA TODAY! 

When you both are on the same page and feel empowered to succeed individually as well as collectively. 

When you both have chosen to make your marriage first priority, above all internal and external relations. 

When you both have defined boundaries and keep business outside of the bedroom. 

When you both have a sound asset management plan outlined with a clear vision. 

When you both learn how to stay in your lane, complement each other and cultivate a marriage that will last. 

Or it can be
so empowering

When you both are heading in two separate directions, avoiding each other and accomplishing nothing. 

When you once longed to be together, but now you're unable too because you are harboring anger & resentment. 

When your spouse is constantly turning to you as their career therapist, and this has ruined your intimacy. 

When living together isn't working because the two of you can't seem to merge the family unit. 

When you can't seem to maximize each other's strength and complement each other's weaknesses. 

It can be so overwhelming

Try our course for 30 days. If it's not for you, we will let you out of the 12-month commitment. You've got nothing to lose!

Try Our Course Totally Risk Free

Ok! here is a teaser.

- Mrs. taylor

I believe I put more on my husband than he deserved from my trust & communication issues. 

- mrs. Carter 

Married to the Ring is the, thank you Tanya, I truly appreciate you and your husband. 

- Mrs. Smith

The tools and strategies provided by Married to the Ring helped me grow exponentially.

What They're Saying

kinds words from some wives

Wondering How It Works?

frequently asked questions

Does your marriage have to be in trouble to participate? 

No. The tools can be used either for prevention or intervention. 

If the other spouse is not available to participate, can i participate?

Absolutely. This occurs every so often, for various reasons. You are more than welcome to participate. 

do i have to have a FB account to register for virtual courses? 

No, you do not have to have a FB account to register for virtual classes. 

do i have to commit to the full 12-month membership? 

No, you do not have to commit to the full 12-month membership. 

Is this a private, safe and interconnected community? 


You don't want to miss this opportunity! The time is NOW. When have you ever heard of a community tying in core relationship components with real estate. Don't you dare miss it! 

The Marriage
Blueprint Community

I can't wait to hear from you! If you have any questions, please contact us using the link below.

Tanya Williamson

have more questions about the community?